BAIXAR MUSICA: Benz Nation ft Jay slution – when i die ( 2018 )

Prod: by kush killer beats / Lançamento: 2018
Artista: benz Nation ft jay slution
Titulo: when i die
Ano: 2018

  • [26/6, 14:32] ‪+258 84 541 6535‬: Títulowhen i die 1ª,Conteúdo:1ª benz nation
  • Intro_we been workin on harder with my nigga, we don’t stop to think about the good times, in paradise ,when i die nigga2× look at where i dive in the flag till when i die,
  • _coro_when i die, i wana be like a wind,ya, be everywhere that i want, with everyone em i love,2× (jay slution) a worse wind is bigining, you better say im the king, i start to kick when i win, i blow the chicks on my knees, you better run got me teased, i blow your rock like a beast, i be the best i’m not kanye west fuck niga’s head in my back, when i keep saying, you gona get insane, you gona beat the rain, you gona feel the pain, like im getting insane, smashing niggas like a train, like im number 8, you got to call me drake hey hey hey dem are you readeey?? I crash you’re rhymes like headeey, i’ve been in this game for a decade i hit nigas like i got hamer when i get in town call a medic,

  • [26/6, 14:32] ‪+258 84 541 6535‬: Título2ª,Conteúdo: (Benz nation) _ 
  • When alive, i wana be as a king, living this life as i should, im choosing girls, comanding boys frustrated rappers they get stomach, im getting high with the lyric, frustrated rappers they get stomach, but whe i die don’t mourn rejoyce because i’ll be there to hear you’re prayers, i came to the city so younger, my people so hotter, we living this life so harder, we fisically made for no shining, but basically shining is what we’ve got the most, bad bitches are loyal, my bitch she ai’nt loyal, i ai’nt got no money for bitches, i think you’re all niggas should stop to doubt on yourselfs than get out the egg and do what is you’re best űh
  • Look at jay’s crew! Nigga don’t, we dont give a fuck, nigga how you feel, we just getting high, killing rappers by the rhymes, for while we canot stop is for you nigga untill when i die, 
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